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In this day and age, the average teen spends a large amount of their time on the internet. They are exposed to a wide variety of viewpoints, and are heavily influenced by what they view. Nearly every teen is connected through a website like Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram, and much of this influence comes from the astounding amount of content that comes through these sites on a daily basis.

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When a teen stumbles across a piece of content that they like, it’s natural for them to want to share it with others. They could send it to their friends, or it can be used as a way begin a conversation with someone new. Volichat is a safe place where teens are free to come together and talk about anything they want. Share your interests in the public teen chat, then when you meet someone you like, start a 1 on 1 private chat. This will put you into a private room where you won’t be disturbed by others from the main chat area. This is where teens can continue talking, open up to each other, and start building real friendships.

What microblogging is and how it applies to our site

An interesting phenomenon that occurred with the advent of social media sites is microblogging. This is where users share a highly condensed forms of material pertaining to their interests, all within a restricted amount of space. For Twitter, this is 140 characters of text. When this became popular, teens began sharing microblog updates in video form. This lead to the creation of Vine, a free website that is integrated with Twitter, and restricts video updates to 6 seconds. These updates usually range from funny or sarcastic material to serious social commentary and news.

Essentially, chat rooms are a form of social updates in a real-time environment. You can share whatever you’re thinking and have people almost instantly respond to you. The fact that Volichat is filled with people who will acknowledge what you have to say is one of the reasons why so many of our members love the site.

Social media has become a highly utilized form of communication for teens, and can serve as a positive self-esteem booster due to the perpetual contact they are able to maintain with friends. This usually leads to closer friendships and even boyfriend/girlfriend relationships. Our teen chat section is a free place where guys and girls can talk with each other at any time of the day. Whether you’re accessing Volichat from a computer or a phone, our rooms will always be a free and reliable place where you can chat with friends and build new relationships.

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