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The Internet initially was created as a way of quickly relaying information across large distances without the use of a telephone. Before it was called the internet, it was known as ARPANET (Advanced Research Projects Agency Network), created by professor Leonard Kleinrock at the University of California, Los Angeles campus. It was installed both there and at another California Research facility nearly 350 miles away. ARPANET was effectively the first iteration of what chat rooms are today. With the way that it was to be used, Leonard Kleinrock was essentially creating the first stepping stone of what Volichat is based on. Consequently, it could be said that this was created out of a necessity for a free way to communicate at lightning fast speeds.

Email was created as a mode of reaching others when they are not online at the same time. Essentially, it is one of the slower forms of virtual interaction that closely emulates sending paper letters through the mail. This and online chat alike are both free ways to converse virtually, which makes them incredibly cost efficient when compared to physically sending letters. While email is not nearly as quick or efficient as using a chat room to send messages, it is still significantly faster than any physical alternative and remains a vastly preferred form of online messaging for many people to this day.

The importance of communication in gaming and social media

Online communication is the central purpose for the internet as we know it today. While some people get online to play games, such as League of Legends, many of these games utilize or even require communication through chat. In the case of League of Legends, outside of gameplay, it has a series of free, built-in chat rooms, with additional user-created rooms available, as well.

Most popular forms of social media, such as Facebook or YouTube, also act effectively as chat rooms. In addition to being able to share videos and links on these websites, users are encouraged to participate in commenting and topic discussion with each other. Facebook also implements a free online chat which people can use to talk to their friends in real-time. They also provide the option to create group conversations by allowing users to add friends to the chat as they please. Adding real-time chat to Facebook was a huge step forward in the history and development of their website, and contributed heavily to the rise of its popularity, making it the social media giant that it is today.

Similarly, Volichat, like many other online chat rooms, also contains elements of social media, where with the click of a button, users can share conversation logs, events, or other popular content. As a result of the ubiquity of chat rooms, they ultimately define the way in which many people use the internet today, whether they're directly aware of it or not.

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What Volichat can offer you

Volichat takes advantage of the rapid development and popularity of the web. We created a free virtual community that serves as a place to meet new friends and like-minded people. Whether you need time to relax and vent your frustrations, catch up on current events, or get assistance from a colleague, our online chat rooms will be able to serve your needs to the fullest potential.

Using our website is an exhilarating experience. We give you the opportunity to socialize anonymously with thousands of other people from anywhere in the world. You do not need to register or sign up to get started, but we do offer many useful features for users who choose to make a free account. We offer many sections with different rooms that visitors can select from when visiting Volichat. You can choose to immediately enter a room by clicking "Start Chatting", or you can select from our chat sections on the navigation bar at the top of our website.

The adaptation of new words in society

The web's explosive growth of popularity necessitated the establishment of many new words as ways to explain behavior on the internet. The most interesting of which is the creation of the word "online" which differentiates things that happen virtually from everything else. Being "online" describes a state of connectivity through cyberspace, and its counterpart "offline" is used to label things that occur during a state of disconnection.

Chat rooms have become completely ingrained into modern society due to the fact that they were the starting point of the web and that online networking is so frequently used. Although some people may choose not to use them, everyone knows what they are and how they can be accessed for free if desired.

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